On-site audit time

Our Excel-based expense calculation tool serves to estimate the audit time on site. Please contact one of the approved certification bodies for a precise calculation and a quotation for a certification according to the ZNU Standard – driving sustainable change.

One site or several sites?

If you would like to determine auditing expenses for a single site, please download the single-site calculation tool here: Download

If you are interested in calculating auditing expenses for several sites, please download the multi-site calculation tool here: Download

And this is how it works

Calculating audit time in three steps

  1. Enter the number of your employees in "line 4".
  2. Choose the type of your business in "line 7" (Select the type by double-clicking. If this does not work, you may either enter "1" [yes] or "0" [no]).
  3. Indicate already existing certifications in "line 11" to "line 14" (Other recognized certifications shorten the audit time on site).

Save the result in Excel or export your calculation as PDF file as required.

Multi-Site instructions

Should/If you like to calculate the audit time for several sites, please pay attention to the following instructions:

  • Add further sites via the "Create further site" button. They will be named automatically and appear as new spreadsheets.
  • Please complete each site separately, and enter only the number of employees working at the respective site next to "number of employees".
  • You may also select the type of each site. The ZNU Standard – driving sustainable change distinguishes between a central administration without production and a production site without central processes. Please double-click to select the respective type. Detailed "Multi-Site Solutions" are available here.
  • The "Site Overview" tab clearly indicates the audit time for all sites.
  • Important: "Multi-Site Certification" does not require to audit all sites each year.
  • The audit time of micro-sites (stores, (unmanned) warehouses, offices, etc.) cannot be indicated correctly by the system. Please contact one of the approved certification bodies.

Should you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.