Training and events

ZNU-Webinar: ZNU Standard - driving sustainable change (english)

Objective of the webinar is the introduction of the principles of the ZNU – Standard. The two webinars (ZNU-Standard I and II) aim to provide the participants with the principles of the ZNU-Standard and enable them to ask and discuss their questions.

ZNU-Webinar: Requirements of the ZNU Standard (english)

During this webinar, the participants will learn about the steps required for the implementation of the ZNU Standard – driving sustainable change. For this purpose, two selected requirements will be discussed in detail, the preparation for the certification audit will be discussed and further steps after the completion of the certification process will be presented.

ZNU-Webinar: ZNU goes Zero (english)

The goal of the ZNU goes Zero webinar is to gain an insight into the 5-step approach of the climate protection initiative ZNU goes Zero.


First of all, the necessity of acting in the field of climate protection is clarified from the company’s point of view. Furthermore, all 5 steps to climate neutrality with examples for the practical procedure are explained and preferred...