Revision process 2024

Successfully shaping the transformation: The revision process for the ZNU Standard Sustainable Management 2024

The ZNU Standard driving sustainable change is reviewed approximately every five years to ensure that it is up to date. In the process, the changed requirements for sustainable management, current topics, guidelines and laws as well as challenges are taken up, compared with the requirements of the standard and innovations are incorporated. The practical implementation of the standard is also reviewed in this context.

The ZNU Standard is currently implemented at more than 160 sites in numerous industries. As a certifiable management standard, it provides companies with structure and security by preparing them for the increasing requirements from politics and society, such as through the LkSG, the CSRD or Green Claims Regulation. At the same time, it gives companies the necessary leeway to develop their sustainability commitment independently and precisely within the requirements of various stakeholders and planetary boundaries.

For the successful further development of the integrated management system for sustainable management, we are in intensive exchange with the various stakeholders of the ZNU Standard during the entire revision process. Following the guidelines of the ISEAL Standard Code of Good Practice Version 6.0, our first 60-day international public stakeholder dialogue on the 2024 revision ran from October 05 to December 04, 2022, inviting all interested parties to contribute their comments and improvements.

Now that we have incorporated the feedback from the first stakeholder dialog into the requirements and means of proof, a second public stakeholder dialog was held in the period from April to June 2023. The feedback received during this process is currently being reviewed and incorporated into the final version of the ZNU Standard 2024.

We would like to thank all certified or interested companies, retailers, associations, societies and other organizations as well as scientists, politicians and all individuals who sent us feedback - we are pleased that you are actively involved in the further development of our standard!

Originally developed for the food industry, the ZNU Standard driving sustainable change has established itself in recent years as an important management tool for a broad target group of organisations. Based on the three pillars of sustainability: "environmental, economic and social" it also includes corporate management and supports manufacturers, service providers, trade, associations and other organisations in continuously and systematically developing towards sustainability.



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