ZNU Standard - driving sustainable change

Welcome to the ZNU Standard – driving sustainable change!

We highly appreciate your intention to improve your company’s sustainability and make an active and measurable contribution to sustained change in business and society.


About the ZNU Standard - driving sustainable change

The ZNU Standard – driving sustainable change supports companies in becoming more sustainable step by step and demands continuous improvement. It is the only approved, tested and implemented standard for sustainable management in several branches. This standard integrates all three dimensions of environmental, economic and social issues, and it supports and promotes the development of an integrated management system for doing business in a more sustainable way. Doing so, companies or service providers succeed in being proactive instead of taking a defensive stance.


Overview and Requirements

The requirements laid down in the ZNU Standard – driving sustainable change are subdivided into two parts: Sustainable Management ("How do you shape sustainable management?/ how do you manage sustainability? ") and Sustainability Issues ("What specific measures do you undertake?"). More information



The chapters of the ZNU Standard – driving sustainable change contain information about scope and certification process, rules of communication, multi-site certification and much more. More information


What are the advantages?

  • Consolidation and structural alignment of sustainability policies
  • Promotion of strategic and long-term orientation of sustainability activities
  • Dealing with hot spots before they turn into crises
  • Evaluation towards a more sustainable product portfolio
  • Increasing internal and external visibility of sustainability activities
  • Credible communication to stakeholders
  • Minimization of running reputational risks with critical stakeholders

More information

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